Social Circle Safety Plans

Building a safe social circle when you’re facing abuse:
- Make sure to leave if you feel uncomfortable in any situation, no matter what anyone else in your friends’ circle is doing
- Ask your friends to keep their phones with them when they are with you, in case you get separated and you need help.
- If possible, go to different malls, banks, grocery stores, movie theaters and other amenities than the ones that your abuser knows about or frequents
- Do not go out alone when you feel vulnerable to abuse, especially at night.
- No matter where you go, be aware of how to leave safely in case of an emergency
- Spend time with people who make you feel safe, supported and good about yourself.

Building safe online spaces:
- Save and keep track of abusive, threatening, harassing comments, posts or texts.
- If the abuse does not stop, change your usernames, email addresses and / or numbers.
- Do not say or do anything online that you wouldn’t say in person.
- Avoid answering calls from unknown, blocked and private numbers.
- Ask your phone company to block your abuser’s number from calling your phone
- Set all your online profiles to be private to the best extent possible
- Never give your password to anyone (other than your parents / guardians if you are under 18)
- Do not communicate with your abuser using any type of technology if unnecessary, since any form of communication can be recorded and probably used against you in the future.

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