Looking for a Therapist

If you have faced gender-based violence, sexual violence or sexualized violence and want to seek out the support of a counselor / psychiatrist/ psychologist or a therapist, here are a few things you should consider keeping in mind while selecting a provider.
- Training and skills relevant to providing for the needs of a survivor
- Empathy, warmth and acceptance
- Capable of expressing themselves well
- Your personal sense of trust towards the therapist
- Their willingness, availability and accessibility to accommodate your needs
- Expenses involved in access
- Logistical access – how easy are they to access and visit for your sessions
- Ability to offer you an explanation of your problems, and being open and willing to adapt to changing circumstances at your end.
- Capacity to commit to creating and implementing a consistent, mutually acceptable and implementable treatment plan.
- Retaining the therapy process and course confidential and private
- Attention to detail, and dedication to the progress of the therapy through the sessions 
- Flexibility in adapting the treatment process
- Positivity, gentleness, compassion and empathy
- Good listening skills
- Sensitivity to patient’s cultural background

- Non-judgmental and not indulging in moral policing

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