Building a Safety Plan

Build a safety plan:
Your safety plan should help ensure your continued safety after leaving an abusive relationship. Here are some things to consider:
- Contact Details: Change locks and phone numbers. Use apps to identify callers and screen numbers you might want to avoid. Use a forwarding address for all your mail.
- Routes: Change your work hours and the route you take to work and children’s schools so that you are not followed or stalked.
- Children: Alert school authorities of the situation. Explain your situation to them and provide them with the copy of the injunction / restraining order if any.
- Restraining order: If you have a restraining order, keep a certified copy of it with you at all times and inform friends, neighbours and employers that you have a restraining order in effect.
- Change patterns; Reschedule appointments that the offender is aware of. Use different stores, movements, patterns and frequent social spots.
- Talk to people: Tell people you work with about the situation and have your calls screened by a receptionist if possible. Alert neighbours and request that they call the police if they feel you might be in danger.
- Home safety: Replace wooden doors with steel or metal doors, install security systems if possible and install motion-sensitive lighting systems.

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